Server Migration

In an effort to provide better performance and security, we are migrating your website to a new server.

To complete this changeover, we need you to make some changes to the domain name record. Most domain name registrars (the company with which you registered your domain name) offer a control panel where you can make DNS/nameserver changes manually.

In your domain name registrar control panel, will need to your point your A RECORD to

Once the changes to your domain name record have been accepted, it may take upwards of 72 hours before your domain name starts to point to your new web hosting account. This is a normal and expected delay. If you have any trouble completing the above process, you should contact your domain registrar's technical support group.*

It is very important that during the propagation time that no changes be made to the site or they will be lost. After the DNS is propagated, we will perform a site audit to ensure this change is fully implemented.

NOTE: If this change is not completed by 2/15 the site will go down as a result of the old server being disabled.

This is very important so if you have questions, please let us know so we can help!

Please let us know when this change has been made by creating a new ticket at


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