Install & Setup

Installing the plugin

  1. Download the VRPc plugin here
  2. Extract the contents of the downloaded Zip file in to the wordpress plugins folder usually located at /wp-content/plugins/
  3. Login to Wordpress as an administrator and activate the plugin.
  4. Once activated, click the 'VRP' menu item, then sub-menu-item 'API Key' and enter the VRPc API Key which can be found at under the settings page after logging in to the client's portal. The VRP Username & VRP Password fields are not critical to the operation of the plugin, only the API Key field.  If the VRP Username and VRP Password fields are populated with the Client's login credentials it will allow the user to automatically login to their VRP from within the wordpress admin by clicking 'manage units'.
  5. Enable Permalinks and choose 'Custom Structure' and set it to /%post_id%/%postname%/ and click 'save settings'The settings should match those in the screenshot below.
  6. Now you should be able to visit your wordpress instance at the following URI /vrp/search/result/?search[showall]=1 for example[showall]=1 from which you can navigate all available resources from the installed VRPc plugin.



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