Using the 'Over # of People' Per Person Rate Modifier

The 'Over # of People' er Person Rate Modifier allows you to create a per person rate calculation that is only applied to the total number of guests in excess of the 'over # of people' value.

If you want to charge $10 per person over 10 people then you would set the 'Over # of People' value to 10 on a per person rate calculation.  When a guest attempts to book with 10 or fewer guests the rate calculation will be ignored however if a guest attempts to book with 11 guests the rate calculator will add $10 to the total rate for the additional guest.  If a guest attempts to book with 20 people in the party then the rate calculator will increase the rate by $100 (10 guests * $10/guest over the initial 10 guests) in this example.

Watch the video demonstration.

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